Getting To, Around, & Away From Puno

As with any other awesome tourist destination, before you can enjoy them, you have to GET THERE FIRST!

Here are the 3 basic ways of getting to and away from Puno, Peru:

By Plane

Puno is served by the Inca Manco Capac International Airport in nearby Juliaca. Juliaca is about 30 miles or so from the city of Puno.

Although there are international flights arriving to this airport, you are well advised to price out your trip by way of Lima.

By Bus

Daily buses depart to and from Cuzco and Arequipa. The ride from Puno to Cuzco takes about 8 hours. There’s a night bus leaving Puno at 19:30 and arriving in Cusco at 4:30 am.

Daily buses depart to and from La Paz, Bolivia on two slightly different routes:

1) The direct route, (faster.)

2) Via ferry boat across Lake Titicaca and Copacabana. (more interesting)
It’s a good idea to change some Peruvian money at the border in order to be able to pay the ferry in Bolivianos. Be prepared to change buses in Copacabana. (you might lose your good seats.)

By Train

Trains to and from Cuzco travel to Puno only 3 times per week. Other trains travel to Arequipa.

If you have the time, we strongly recommend these relaxing train rides through the expansive countryside of Northern Peru.

Getting Around

Most people prefer to get around Puno’s center plaza area and explore its main tourist and shopping area highlights, (including being able to walk down to the shoreline of Lake Titicaca) by foot…

Taxi’s and minivans are not hard to find for going longer distances in the city and exploring the surrounding region. They are called “collectivos”.