What to Do & See in Puno’s Surrounding region

This page features 4 key attractions of the Puno region we recommend. There are many more, depending on your time constraints.

Floating Reed Islands of the Uros

Lake Titicaca has some 41 floating reed islands on it that are an interesting experience for any traveler. These man-made islands have a fascinating history and story behind them.

Although in modern times it can be argued that they are a bit “touristy” and somewhat artificial, it is also a fact that for thousands of years up to now, the Uros people have lived on and maintained these unique Peruvian islands, depending on the lake for their survival.

Many tour companies offer trips to these reed islands, (as close as 20 minutes from Puno) and some combine reed island stopovers with organized tours of wonderful Taquile island. (a 3 hour boat ride and then spend a few hours on the island.) Definitely go for this combo tour if you have time… it’s great! (and there’s a lot more to see and do on Taquile island than the little reed floaters.)

These tours can be organized from both Copacabana and Puno.

Lake Titicaca

Another great reason for getting out to the reed islands or Isla Taquile is because this gives you a chance to experience the magic and desolate beauty of Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest elevation commercially navigable lake.

Seeing the scenery around you, breathing the clean air, and marveling at the magnificent greenish blue colors of the lake will give you a new perspective of this region and the body of water that has played such a key role in it’s history.

Isla Taquile

Isla Taquile is a fascinating time capsule of wonderfully preserved Peruvian and Bolivian cultures, having stayed the same now for thousands and thousands of years.

If you have time, consider seeing the other islands of the lake as well: Isla Amantani, a 4 hour trip from Puno with boats leaving daily at 8:30 am and also Isla del Sol, easily reachable from Bolivia’s Copacabana.

Sillustani Burial Towers

Hundreds of years ago, the ancient people from the Altiplano, that lived at the shore of the mystical Lake Titicaca, built a series of funeral towers to bury their kings and other important people of their regions.

The Sillustani towers are perhaps the finest and most perfect cylindrical constructions of ancient Peru, as such perfection can be found nowhere else in South America.

A tour to Sillustani will give you a better view into the life of pre-Inca civilizations, and exploring the area, you can marvel at the great beauty of the Umayo Lagoon, which is located at the foot of Sillustani.