What to Do & See in the City of Puno

Sightseeing Highlights

Sightseeing highlights around the city of Puno include obligatory visits to the Church of San Pedro, the Sistine Chapel of the Americas, and to the shoreline of Lake Titicaca at the Puno harbor.

There, you can stroll along the boardwalk, spend your money at the giftshops, take endless pictures, check out the boats, and even visit a Titicaca boats museum.


Puno also has quite a lively nightlife for a city of this size, due to the large numbers of tourists from all over the world mixing it up with the plethora of artists and musicians of Puno.

Just walking the streets near the city center is a pretty fun activity for most travelers, grabbing a beer or coffee at random bars and restaurants.

Food & Drink

Peruvian food is delicious and Puno has many terrific restaurants and cafes that offer classic Pervuvian dishes and countless tasty local treats.

Most popular tourist restaurants can be found in and around Calle Lima but there are many hidden gems interspersed throughout the city streets. You’ll be sure to get your belly full while you explore and sample new restaurant discoveries.

Keep in mind that a little bit of bargaining will get you a discount, but don’t push it too far if you want your food prepared without any bodily fluids.

In and around the mercado central are several budget places to eat for less then 3 soles. Also try a fruit juice at one of the many juguerias on the second floor.

Hiking Around Puno

Walking up in the hills just outside the city of Puno affords nice views of the city and lake, but it is quite dangerous! Locals recommend against doing it because tourists are often the victims of armed robberies in the hills.

If you want to try a more serious hike, here’s an idea: take a colectivo to Chuciuto (19km, 1 Sol, US$ 0.30) and start hiking from there.

Next to the highest mountain (with a thin antenna on the top, 4550m) there is a summit where locals bring sacrifices. Fireplaces, flowers and bottles give witness of that.

Beyond the city of Puno, the surrounding area offers lots more touring and sightseeing options.